Bug Reports

Read Simon Tatham's How to Report Bugs Effectively first. The take home message:

'The aim of a bug report is to enable the programmer to see the program failing in front of them. You can either show them in person, or give them careful and detailed instructions on how to make it fail.'

So, when reporting a bug, describe exactly what you did. What menu items have you selected, what buttons have you clicked, in what order, what values have you entered into popup's or view's fields, the Sesame id of the records involved, what the computer responded, etc. Describe the system (computer, OS version, Java version, etc.) on which the bug occured. If the bug involves a file of any type, you will most likely have to send us a copy of the file. If the bug involves a connection to another computer or a device, let us know what computer or device it is, and what software is running on it.

Write clearly to avoid misinterpretations, and be precise.

Report Bugs